Bachelorette Haiku Cycle: Season 10 Episode 9

Last night, like all of America (?), I watched Season 10 Episode 9 of The Bachelorette wherein Andi takes three guys to “the Dominican” and sends one back home. While watching I scrolled through the live tweets of the show for the east coast broadcast. They ranged from mundane, to unnecessarily vicious, to utterly hilarious. Then, like the rest of America (?) I was unable to sleep and stayed up until midnight writing haiku about the show. Below are the series of haiku inspired by the show and/or live tweets. Spoillers are obviously below, hope you enjoy the idiocy. Andi, when you read this, don’t take it personally gurl, I hope you find love.


Flying overhead,
Hopefully fake coral reefs,
Shaped like hearts (don’t touch).

– inspired by multiple tweets about how angry people were that Andi touched coral and also those hearts were fake