Poem: Mother-In-Law

Will there ever come a day,
When mothers and daughters in-law,
Will stop fighting over the man
They both agree is the greatest in the world?
Or a time when you can love
Another’s child the way you love your own?
These eternal foes meet on the battlefield,
Armed in their clandestine way,
And rail against each other,
Fighting over the man,
Who foolishly attempts,
To force them to be friends.
He will learn to step away.
Then the young woman’s nine month-brewed ally,
Crashes onto the scene in a radiant burst of light,
Blinding the crone and sending her reeling;
Wounded, she crawls away to die,
Knowing her power will never return.
Gloating, the young women goes to seize her prize,
Yet, soon, she realizes the price she has paid is too dear;
She has started the cycle anew.
The ally takes her beauty, vitality, strength, and sense of self,
Consumes it and grows proud, laughing, and,
One day, leaves her.
And then it is her turn to face the young usurper,
It is her turn to fight, and maybe, to die.
Can we leave this cycle?
If we choose to summon no one, we keep ourselves,
And let Time wear down the crone?
Sweet, ruthless Time, who some day will come for us.


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